Oakley Solid Wood Panels For Furniture And Shelving Order Now While Stocks Last

By The British Wood Panelling Company

£38.50 £59.00


  • Stable and carefully seasoned to 12% moisture content.
  • Sourced exclusively from sustainably managed forests.
  • Cuts and machines very well.
  • Finishes very well with stains and oils.
  • Beautiful wood grain appearance.
  • Very few knots and so unlike pine you won't experience knot bleed when painting the wood.
  • Available for delivery within 21 days.
  • An excellent strength to weight ratio.
  • Very resilient to moisture.

 Dimensions - 2400mm (8ft) x 600mm (2ft) x 18mm (3/4") & 2400mm x 600mm x 25mm (1 1/4")

The photographs of the Lamp Table shown within the opposite slideshow is a home project and was made with simple hand tools. We finished the product with a satin lacquer finish.

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