Customer projects

Home Panelling Project In Felixstowe

This project using the Oakley solid wood panelling was a great success for our customer. The unfinished walls were transformed easily and cost effectively. Oakley panels are not heavy like MDF and are strong and flexible. This allows them to be effectively placed directly onto uneven wall surfaces.

The real wood was finished with a simple lacquered coating which brought out the character and beautiful grain pattern of this solid timber. The skirting and dado rails were machined from solid Nordic redwood which was supplied by the carpenter himself. Finally solid French oak window boards were added.


Recording Studio Trewlock Island

Our 3D Oak Panelling was used by our customer to create this fabulous effect in their recording studio. In addition to the unique effect it also gives excellent sound proofing and acoustics.

Living room feature wall in Oxfordshire home using European Oak 3D Wall Panelling